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Home Appliances

Kitchen troubles solved! offers healthy air fryers, powerful washing machines, and dehumidifiers for a more comfortable living space. Heat meals in a flash with our microwaves. Coffee lovers rejoice – our machines brew perfect cups every time. Shop Heavins Home Appliances for a tastier, smoother-running home.

Laundry Made Easy

Laundry Simplified: Effortless Care for Your Clothes

Sparkling clean clothes, achieved gently with innovative washing machines from Samsung, Haier, and Beko.

Washer dryers offer the ultimate space-saving convenience, washing and drying in one efficient appliance. Our tumble dryers, with vented, condenser, and heat pump options, eliminate the wait. Don't settle for a laundry routine that weighs you down.

Small Appliances

Small But Mighty: Kitchen Essentials for Every Task

From perfectly brewed coffee with coffee makers to golden toast from toasters, and lightning-fast heating with microwaves, we have the essentials to elevate your meals. Plus, say goodbye to waiting for kettles - get that cup of tea boiling in seconds. Shop the Heavins range of small appliances now!